• Leverage our expertise, insights, and rapid innovation to guide you through the tangled world of today’s global tax landscape

  • Successful companies grow when their people, processes and technologies are aligned with business objectives

  • With effective approach to working capital optimization, companies have greater opportunities to gain clear competitive advantage

  • Family-owned businesses who are expanding globally have unique needs in relation to Estate and Tax Planning

Helios offers Business and Corporate Advisory Services, Tax Advisory Services and Technology Consulting solutions to businesses leveraging our industry expertise, knowledge, and experience. With increased emphasis on understanding our client's businesses, their vision, and their challenges, we provide customised solutions to each client, tailor made to help them achieve their business goals.
We understand the world of finance, tax and consulting and its importance in our clients’ sustainable growth. We provide a wide spectrum of services to our clients to cater to organizations of all sizes, from Start-ups, SMEs, family-owned enterprises to large multinational companies.


With our enriched experience of 28 years in Middle East, we offer businesses valuable insights in structuring their operations for both inbound and outbound investments. Our unique expertise helps in resolving challenges businesses are facing. Our advisory services include transactional support for merger & acquisitions, CFO support, assistance with contractual matters, policy advisory, licensing approvals with regulators.


Our Tax services offer assistance with domestic and international tax challenges. Helios can help complex tax problems through in-depth knowledge on all the relevant local rules, laws, and regulations. We offer help in all areas of tax, be it Corporate Tax, Indirect Tax (VAT), Excise Tax, International Tax (including Transfer Pricing, FATCA, CSR), Tax Dispute Resolutions, Cross-border Tax Structuring while ensuring Compliance with the regulations.


All over the world, business challenges are solved by people and we understand that organizations need to effectively manage their investment in people. We run programs specifically focused on Building and Connecting the Energy of the Leadership with the People and with the Customers to build strong sustainable organization. We work with companies to get the best out of their talent and resources. We bring deep expertise in different types of organizational change, transformation, immigration advisory, trainings and more, to help our clients manage their talent and resources. We, along with our alliances and our Centre of Excellence, partner with you as HR Head and become the one stop shop for all HR Systems & Decision Making, operating beyond traditional HR Operations to oversee an Organization’s end-to-end People agenda.


Emerging technologies like Intelligent Automation, AI, Analytics, among others are transforming processes across core functions such as finance, sales, HR, and back office. Streamlining these processes, employees can focus on more value-added tasks, that are strategic, creative, or meaningful. We alongside our technology partners help with the cultural change process needed to deliver such solutions and drive digital transformations in organizations. Helios, working with our technology partners, also offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity and IT risk assurance services to detect, prevent, and proactively respond to security threats, to help mitigate cyber risks, protect their critical data assets, and minimize its impact on your business.


Helios Outsourcing team helps in improving performance, secure compliance processes, manage costs and provide enhanced flexibility in resourcing and skills. Organizations worldwide are looking to make non-core activities lean and efficient so outsourcing to Helios is an excellent low-risk option for you to grow and expand your business. Leveraging our Centre of Excellence in India, we can offer businesses a flexible and scalable team of specialist resources to help you react quickly to sudden changes in your business or market and mitigate your cost.


We serve a wide range of industries to efficiently deliver services catering to sector specific issues, changes, and trends, leveraging our in depth understanding across industries.

  1. Retail & FMCG
  2. Energy, infrastructure & environment
  3. Financial services (Including Fintech and Crypto)
  4. Healthcare & life sciences
  5. Industrials
  6. Public & social sector
  7. Real estate
  8. Technology, media & telecommunications
  9. Transport & logistics
  10. Construction
  11. Oil & Gas


Accounting and Professional firms

HR Consulting firms

Technology Consulting Companies

Trust Companies

Legal firms