Helios offers flexible and scalable outsourcing services to enterprises globally, to grow their business, manage costs and resources.


As an organization, it is crucial that all your noncore activities are lean, efficient, and performing optimally. Helios Consulting has an experienced and expert outsourcing team to improve performance, secure compliance processes, manage costs, and offer a level of flexibility in resourcing and skills.Especially for companies looking to expand their market to new geographies, outsourcing to Helios can offer a low-risk way to grow your business. This also enables companies to reduce financial exposure and gain specific skills and expertise they need, whenever the need them.

Helios Consulting has a Centre of Excellence (COE) in India, leveraging a team of specialist and expert resources. Our outsourcing services are flexible and scalable, enabling you to react to any sudden changes or occurrences in your business or market.


  • Accounting & reporting
  • HR & payroll
  • Tax compliance
  • Corporate secretarial
  • Legal managed services
  • Secondment services